Friday, 25 March 2011

Cheryl Seslar Easter Bunny Comp

This is my entry for the Cheryl Seslar Easter Bunny competition. I have watercoloured the image and used my cuttlebug for the matting and layering. The sentiment wording is Ewardian Script. I added flowers from my stash and found some ribbon for the bow.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Elegant Black Swan, New Design

This card has been made from a picture I took a few days ago at the Restaurant Belle Risco, were my friends and I go painting. I use CS2 to cut out my images to use. The swan was swimming on the lake when I took the picture.
You can purchase this design from cardmakingdownloads.

Easel Card Sweet Peas New Design

This card has such vibrant colours I love it. Thank again to Micheal Bromley for allowing me to use his picture. The card is available from cardmakingdownloads

Bluebells in the Spring

This is my latest creation thanks to Michael Bromley who has aloud me once again to use his image for the card. The card is available from cardmakingdownloads

New Designs

I have designed 2 new cards for cardmakingdownloads and am pleased with them as it is early days with designing. The aeroplane is a spitfire a model plane built by my neighbour. We went to see him fly the plane at a place called Granadilla in the south of Tenerife. They have a special airfield there for model aircraft. Unfortunatley he crashed it just after I took the picture.
The second card I have incorporated the squirell from the photograph and some raw graphics from Granny Art. You can purchase the designs from cardmakingdownloads. I design under my real name Susan Slogrove

Daughters Jumper

I knitted a jumper for my daughter and later I knitted a scarf to go with it. She loves them both

5th May 2010

I went to a restuarant called Bello Risco with friends. Its a place we love to go to paint and have coffee. Here are some of the pictures I took. I hoped I would make some cards from some of them. The squirrel I saw when visiting a friend he was sitting on a table on her balcony

Marians Birthday card

My friends husband asked me to make his wifes birthday card. This is what I did.

A card I designed May 2010

I have designed this card from raw graphics of Granny Art

May 2010

Here are a few cards I have made for friends, The Kesteral is an image from dear Penny Wessenauer, the crocus image is by Granny Art, the tunnel card has the Joanne Sheen egypt cd image. The ruby wedding card was a simple card I was asked to do. I used the Glitter Girls bookatrix board to make the bells, and used the wedding text for the wording

May 2010 Gwens 70th Birthday

We went to our friends 70th Birthday at her friends house. A great afternoon was had by all.
Here are a few pictures. Jack who is our neighbour is a great friend of Gwens and can be seen most Sundays giving Gwen a lift to church. Here he is hanging on to the post. I am not sure why. Could it have been the vino or perhaps he is looking for one of his aeroplanes. We will celebrate Jacks 80th Birthday later this year. Gwen has a safe seat next to my other half. Also I managed ot get a few great pictures of some hybiscus and bird of paradise. Perhaps another card in the making.

Cards I have designed April 2010

These are the cards I made from the designs I made for cardmakingdownloads. All raw graphics came from Granny Art. I would like to thank Granny Art for allowing the use of her amazing collection of Art.

Pams day out 22.04.2010

I took my friend out for the day to a place called Teno Alto. It is very rural and the wild flowers where in full bloom, we went to the far end of the village to see the goats.

4th April 2010

My Birthday started of with a breakfast at the Monisterio, I was joined by 6 members of the family. We had a great time and a lovely cake followed with coffee. Later that day we all met up again for dinner at a lovely restaurant the Tigaiga in Peurto del a Cruz These are the flowers from the dinner party. I took the place names with me.

My Birthday card

Chris ask me to help him make a card for me for my 60th Birthday, Here he is hard at work.
The Image is availabe for sale on Cardmakingdownloads. I am now a designer for cardmakingdownloads and love every minute of it. The image was given to me by my dear frien Michael Bromley who is a great photographer and displays his work on the net.

SBM Competition card

This is my entry for SBM competition

My Daughter

My Daughter and Partner came to Tenerife to help me celebrate Mothers day and my Birthday.

This is us at our favorite restaurant.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

March ladies crafting day

This is the efforts of the All Saints Church ladies. We had a fab afternoon stamping and embossing some cards. The ladies all went home with a card, some managed two. Plus they took home glitter on there faces from there efforts.

70th Birthday

This is the card I made and sent to my friend for his sevenith birthday. It is a flippin card by lapache

March and a walk

My daughter came to visit and we took her and partner to join a party going to see the caves above Icod Alto. the cave are larva tubes let from the volcano. As we had already been we went for a walk while we waited. These are a few pictures. The almond blossom is particularly pretty at this time of year

St Patricks Day

This was a free sheet from Dorothy's Creations. A friend ask for this card to send to her nephew. The leprechaun was given to me by a lady from Ireland. She came for a holiday here

Cards for car boot

here are some more cards made for the car boot. I have used some images my niece sent to me,

thank you Clare. Also another design from the car pictures. A military card for my Aunts Birthday and the new cup cake card from Scrapbookingmad